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For a quarter-century, Integrated Access has helped clients develop strategies that strengthen their position in existing markets and effectively enter new ones.

We “speak the language” of each segment which has led to strong relationships with leading accounts in their respective markets. These customers become the thought leaders and serve as catalysts for broader market acceptance and success of our client’s solutions.

Our broad experiences have led to an unrivaled database of key decision-makers in markets we pursue. We leverage this information and other marketplace insights to develop winning selling initiatives on behalf of our clients.

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Whether it be managing the bid process, selling a la carte items or managing and maximizing commodity balances, Integrated Access understands nutritional requirements and leverages contract pricing across multiple contracting entities to best position your solutions for success.

Colleges & Universities

Building strong relationships with decisions makers within key operation throughout the institutions, Integrated Access understands the needs of the various operations and leverages contracts across multiple contracting entities to best access the opportunities for your solutions.


Building relationships in key operations throughout the facility, Integrated Access has mapped the key affiliations with contracting entities and distributors to leverage contract pricing, where applicable, as well as sell off-contract solutions where possible.

Senior Living

Understanding the regulatory environment and budgetary constraints under which various facilities operate, Integrated Access navigates the relatively small scale of each facility to achieve the collective value of the segment through a combination of electronic marketing and inside sales capabilities, leveraging contracts where possible to drive product placement.

Navigating the intersection between the Foodservice Operator and the Foodservice Distributor, Integrated Access works with both entities to create a viable path to market for manufacturer’s product solutions. We know when a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) or a Foodservice Management Company (FSM) is involved in the procurement process, and successfully leverages the relevant contract relationship to drive success.

Understanding of the inter-relationships among the Brand Owner, the Franchise Owner, the Individual Property, and sometimes even a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO). Integrated Access understands and manages the procurement process, working with the decision makers for each organization to develop solutions and implement programs consistent with the complex web of requirements in each situation.

Establishing relationships  with decision makers and key influencers in the various operations as well, Integrated Access understands the procurement process and works within requirements and guideline to present solutions, working with distributors and purchasing entities to leverage contracts and drive success.

Understanding the inter-relationships between Tenant, Owner and Property Management Company, and oftentimes a Building Service Contractor, Office Coffee Service and/or Foodservice Management Company, Integrated Access works with decision makers and distribution to present solutions, working to leverage contracts and key relationships to drive product placement.

Convenience Stores

Calling on chains and independents, and working with C-Store distribution to present solutions, secure stocking position and develop implementation plans to drive placement of products throughout the convenience store market.

Natural Food Stores

Calling on chains and independents, and working with natural food distributors to present solutions, secure stocking position and develop implementation plans to drive placement of products throughout the natural food store marketplace.


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“You guys have been wonderful! Integrated Access is an awesome way to learn about new products. They have introduced us to many great new products that our customers are using. Lonnie has been great as our sales representative. She is the best!!”

Bridget O'Bryan

Florida State Hospital

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