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Large, fragmented, multi-channel industries characterized by:

  • Hundreds of products across numerous product categories that are purchased by a broad spectrum of end-user customers
  • Thousands of distributor sites throughout numerous distribution channels, stocking tens of thousands of SKUs and serving a wide geographic area
  • Hundreds of brand owners, manufacturers, and suppliers competing throughout the entire quality/price range in a variety of product categories, including both branded and private label products

Industry Highlights

Selling branded solutions to foodservice operators, where food is served away-from-home, has always been a challenge.  An industry that boasts over a million locations and thousands of distributors cannot be effectively managed by traditional field sales organizations alone. Our deep database of decision makers can be leveraged to help our clients better penetrate existing markets and access emerging high-growth markets like natural foods and convenience stores. Our inside sales professionals deliver measurable results and marketplace insights to fuel future sales & marketing initiatives. 

Medical science continues to make progress developing treatments for smaller, less pervasive disease states.  However, the Specialty Pharmaceutical industry faces economic challenges in effectively reaching a narrower target audience of medical professionals and hospital pharmacists to deliver those treatments to patients in need. Integrated Access has both the decision maker relationships and proven inside sales solutions to accelerate awareness of new treatments into the medical community.

It is imperative to provide a safe and sanitary environment for the employees, residents, students, and patrons in the away-from-home marketplaces. Schools, healthcare facilities, lodging environments, and other workplaces all have their unique cleanliness and sanitation requirements that have been elevated during the pandemic.  Integrated Access has proven inside sales approaches to deliver the right solutions to the right markets across all the channels of distribution serving those markets.


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“Kitu Life Super Coffee Products has found our Program with Integrated Access Corporation to be a targeted and effective way to sell Foodservice Operators and Distributors. Their sales model has assisted us with rapid growth in Key Sales Channels, and they have good industry contacts that have proven beneficial.”
Jack Martin

Kitu Life Super Coffee Products

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