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Making Sense of Foodservice

Foodservice is a complex market of fragmented operators including restaurants, colleges, hospitals, hotels, K-12 schools, and more.

These diverse market segments can make it challenging to achieve rapid results.

Each operator segment has unique business needs and selling challenges, but they all have one thing in common: nothing happens until you sell a product to an operator. 

It is a sale to an operator that prompts the rest of the channel players (distributors, redistributors, contract companies) to support your product through stocking, special orders and logistics support. 

Because of this, Integrated Access is a company focused on operator pull. Our selling efforts always begin with operators, and then we work back through the channel to allow your product to flow through the distributor.

Our Segment Expertise

One of Integrated Access’ greatest segments of strength are colleges and universities.  We work across contracted colleges buying off Aramark, Compass, Sodexo, Entegra, Premier, Foodbuy and other contracts. Additionally, we sell to independent colleges or for clients that do not have contracts.  We work the entire university from retail operations, to athlete fueling stations, to back of the house cafeteria ingredients to catering and much, much more. Integrated Access has strong relationship with the decision maker for each business segment within the University to maximize the value of each college opportunity.

Another segment of strength for Integrated Access. We currently sell to almost 15,000 school districts from elementary to high school. Integrated Access helps manage the bid process, as well as managing and maximizing commodity balances as well as a la carte items. We understand nutritional requirements and can help to best position your products for success. Lastly, we do work to leverage contract pricing where applicable across multiple contract companies including Compass, Sodexo, Aramark, Entegra, Foodbuy, Premier, Vizient and many more.

Hospitals are another segment with multiple business needs, and at Integrated Access, we have a strong understanding of each. From patron cafeteria feeding, to staff feeding, to patient feeding, to gift shops and doctor lounges, we work to secure placement in all relevant selling locations by sharing your product with the right operator decision maker and decision influencers. Similarly to colleges and universities, we leverage contracts such as Premier, Vizient, Aramark, Sodexo, Compass, Entegra, and Foodbuy among others when available, and when not, we sell around contracts so operators get the products they really want and need.

Integrated Access can also help penetrate business cafes and retail operations.  Whether they’re a cafeteria with culinary capabilities, a self serve mini mart, or just a vending operation, Integrated Access can help drive product placement across each location. Again, we leverage contracts such as Canteen and USG for vending operations, to Aramark & Sodexo for cafeteria sales.  We work closely with the right decision maker to give your product the best opportunity to be sold.

Integrated Access also supports our clients in office coffee service locations such as coffee stations and breakrooms. We work across OCS distributors such as Community Coffee, Farmer Brothers, Staples and Office Depot to help make your products both available and placed in the right operator locations.

Integrated Access can help execute selling initiatives with hospitality chains such as Marriott or Hilton as well as work contracted locations through Avendra. We sell both ingredients and snack/ beverage items for hotel marts, smaller hotels, large independent Hotels & Casinos, and Recreation Parks such as Disney.  Our work ranges from selling to chains at the WHQ level to selling to high potential independent locations on high velocity items.

From scaled chains to regional chains to local contract customers to independents, Integrated Access can help drive distribution and velocity through the distributor to restaurants.  We work closely (in partnership with the distributor sales representative) to set call priorities, quote pricing and follow through on the sales and item performance to make sure the products will maintain placement and maximize sales.

Working the Entire Value Chain


Integrated Access can also help drive item setup and stocking with distributors including Sysco, US Foodservice, Gordon’s Foodservice, Performance Food Group and many more. In addition, we can work to build demand through special orders from DOT and also UNFI. Once special order volume scales, we can help secure stocking positions. In addition, Integrated Access works in partnership with distributor sales representatives to set appropriate location targets, quote pricing, process special orders, set up item numbers and much more.

Foodservice Management Companies

Integrated Access works aggressively to maximize the value of your contracts with Aramark, Sodexo, Compass, Premier, Vizient, Entegra, Foodbuy, Avendra and more. We drive awareness of you contract position, pricing and stocking positions. In addition, we also ensure that your products are represented on the FSM’s/ GPO’s Managed Order Guides (MOG) to facilitate online ordering.

Working with Field Sales

Our selling professionals work in partnership with your selling team and other selling agencies to maximize market coverage and limit overlap and confusion. We take our coverage direction from our clients helping to both leverage our strongest operator relationships while also respecting the areas of responsibility of your existing selling teams. Integration, communication and cooperation are principles that make Integrated Access a valuable asset to you total selling team.


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“You guys have been wonderful! Integrated Access is an awesome way to learn about new products. They have introduced us to many great new products that our customers are using. Lonnie has been great as our sales representative. She is the best!!”

Bridget O'Bryan

Florida State Hospital

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